Wednesday, January 22, 2014

About Me


I'm Gaby and this is where I share my life.

My original intention with this blog was to document the comings and goings of my semester abroad in Prague, The Czech Republic. But then I figured, hey, why not just make it about everything I love? So that's what you'll find here. A little bit of everything that makes me, me.

I'm from a super-teeny town in Northern Colorado called Steamboat Springs. Some may recognize the name, as it's a pretty well known ski resort. Naturally, I grew up skiing and doing all sorts of other outdoors-y things. I love love love doing things outdoors. Every summer I take a backpacking trip (note: picture from last summer's excursion in the Zirkel Wilderness), and I get excited about everything from snowshoeing to canoeing.

I  now attend Chapman University in Orange, California where I'm studying nutrition and communication. While I do enjoy the ever-present sun and lounging on the beach, Colorado will always have my heart. There is truly something about the people and the mountains that will always keep me coming back.

The travel bug bit me when I was just thirteen years old and took a summer trip to France and Spain. I will never forget the feeling of being so completely disoriented and anonymous but so completely in awe. It is truly amazing what people and places can teach you, if you learn not to judge and to take it all in. My biggest travel inspiration is my best friend, Willow. We've known each other for 18 whopping years, and I can proudly say she's by far the BEST best-friend the world has ever seen. She keeps me young (I really am an old soul), inspires me to take risks, and always keeps me dreaming. Follow her blog at! Right now, I'm preparing for the longest trip I've taken thus far: 5 months in the Czech Republic. While I'm terrified, I have never been so excited for something in my life. Keep following me on here to hear all about my crazy adventures!

Willow and I before a Ying Yang Twins/Dillon
Francis concert 
Now. Let's talk about food. I don't think it's possible to describe my obsession with all things food. For a long time, I was very food "deprived." Technically, I have a pretty significant case of lactose intolerance. I tried (in vain) for a good three years to eliminate as much dairy as possible from my diet. But let's be real, what's a little discomfort when you can eat cheese and ice cream? I still don't drink milk, but other than that my relationship with food has expanded to the point where I'll pretty much eat anything and everything. Except mushrooms. But that's another story.

They say everyone should have at least one passion in life, and for me, that passion is food. The power of food amazes me. It can bring people together, create memories, and enrich our lives in so many unseen ways. I like to cook, but I love to bake. I think I inherited my super-sweet-tooth from my sugar loving dad. Baking is like stress-therapy for me...with the result being one tasty treat at the end!

While I create and prepare a variety of things, I try to stay health-conscious while I cook. It's easier than you think to make simple substitutions that make a recipe a thousand times better for you! Here you'll find a collection of my favorite treats and dishes, as well as some things I try out just for fun!

So much of my creativity and inspiration when it comes to cooking (and just life in general!) comes from my wonderful boyfriend, Mason. We met while we were both in high school, and will have been together for two years in April! Mason brings so much joy, laughter, and fun to my life that sometimes I wonder what I ever did with out him. He really just brings out the best in me! It's been incredibly challenging at times to do the "long-distance thing," but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do for love. We're really just two old souls who want to share a lifetime of adventure together. You'll probably hear a lot more about him on here!

Mason and I at Steamboat's Christmas

Lastly, is reading. Yes. I am a book nerd. Since starting college, I haven't been able to spend as much "quality-time" with books, as I like, so I'm hoping this blog will help inspire me to make reading a priority again. It's so easy for me to get caught up in day-to-day life that I forget how calming and relaxing reading can be. Books have always been my friend, and I hope to inspire you to pick up a book and read as well!

Well, that's just about it! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you like what you see!

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