Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Countdown Begins

I leave for Prague in exactly ten days.

These are my thoughts:

  1. OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD alsjdfsjdofiwrniohfsdaipfashdoifneoirneawionfwpsfonow
  2. How am I supposed to get everything I need to get done in only ten days?!
  3. TEN DAYS...maybe I could just leave now?
  4. Am I going to turn to an icicle as soon as I get there? I mean, I know cold but not humid AND cold...
  5. I really need to start packing.
  6. How am I supposed to get around when all I really know how to say is "hello," "how are you," and (courtesy of dad) "kiss my ass"
  7. Food. I don't have a meal plan, and will have to make all my own meals or buy them. I love to cook, but I'm not going to lie...having the college meal plan was quite nice when I felt lazy or not up to making dinner. 
  8. I'm going to be in PRAGUE for five months!!!!
  9. How am I going to deal with being homesick? I feel like I should be busy enough that I won't get too homesick, too often, but I'm kind of a homebody. And this is the longest I've ever been away from my family, boyfriend, and best friends. 
  10. Will my house have decent heating? (I've heard apartments in Prague can be freezing)
  11. Most importantly: will my flight have television because this girl really needs to see the Broncos win the Super Bowl. 
It's hard to believe that this time last year, I was submitting my application to even be considered for study abroad and in a mere ten days I'll be in a country I've wanted to visit my entire life. Really, in the scheme of things, my worries are mundane because I know it will all work out, and these five months will be some of the best of my life. 

Honestly, it hasn't quite hit me yet that I'll be in an entirely foreign place with (almost) entirely foreign people. Two girls from my school, Brittany and Caroline, are going as well, and we're all roommates! I also met a girl this summer, Katia, who is getting her graduate degree at the school I'll be studying at. It's surprisingly comforting knowing I'll have at least a couple people there who are either making this adventure with me, or can help me along the way. 

I know these ten days are going to zoom by, with me trying to tie up all my loose ends and say goodbye to my loved ones. I cant wait for February 2nd. 

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